Richmond Family Magazine January 2015 issueTale of Two Preemies

Richmond Family Magazine, July, 2015 -One out of every eight infants in the United States is born prematurely each year. Preterm-related causes of deat…h Read More >>

May 2015 Our Health Magazine Fast Track to RecoveryFast Track to Recovery

Our Health Magazine, May, 2015 -Going through surgery for a fractured hip, a damaged knee or any other orthopaedic injury… Read More >>

Our Health Richmond november 2014

A Beautiful Mouth and Face

Our Health Magazine, Richmond Edition, Oct/Nov, 2014 -On any given day, the surgeons of the Oral… Read More >>

Overcoming Barriers to Building a Family

Our Health Magazine, June/July, 2014 -Is infertility an epidemic? Today, according to the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology… Read More >>

Virgina Living MagazinePlank and Pols

Virginia Living, April, 2014 -In mid-April, when the spring sun has warmed the waters of the James River… Read More >>

Times of the Island - Heavenly MessagesHeavenly Messages

Times of the Islands, March/ April, 2014 -In mid-April, when the spring sun has warmed the waters of the James River… Read More >>

Artful Shelling

Bonita Estero Magazine , March/ April, 2014 -In mid-April, when the spring sun has warmed the waters of the James River… Read More >>

Fostering Hope

Richmond Family Magazine, July, 2011 – Foster Care and Adoption… Enthusiastic yes. Optimistic, definitely. But naïve they weren’t. Read More >>

Driving Andalusia

Fifty Plus, October 2011 – If you think Spain is Flamenco dancers, guitar music, bullfighters, sangria and paella, you are right. Read More >>

Head Start

Head Start

Style Weekly, Oct 14, 2009 – Less than a year after graduating from high school in Dublin, N.H., Matt Katka found himself lying in the Afghan mountains at 4 a.m., blood streaming from his head… Read more>>

Style Weekly

Fly by Surgery

Style Weekly, Nov 7, 2007 – When Doug Duke needed laparoscopic surgery, he knew he would be buying a plane ticket. Read more>>

Going Organic

Richmond Family Magazine, November 2011 – Yes, organic can be expensive, so is it worth it? Read More >>

When Spouses Cheat

Boomer Magazine, Oct-November 2011, p. 90 – What is the busiest day of the year for private investigators? Valentine’s Day. That’s the day lovers celebrate their relationships by sharing tokens of their affection. Sometimes those relationships are meant to be secret… Read More >>

Dr. Peter Pronovost

Fifty Plus

Fifty Plus Magazine, July 2010 – In an article in the New Yorker Magazine, author Atul Gawande said: “Pronovost’s work has already saved more lives than that of any laboratory scientist in the world.” Read More >>

Sexual Dysfunction, the Physical Side

Boomer, August-Sept 2011, p.82 – “If it wasn’t for pick-pockets and frisking at airports I’d have no sex life at all.” Rodney Dangerfield…  Is this you? Read More >>

Naturally Dramatic, Living it up with Young Performers

Naturally Dramatic

Richmond Family Magazine, March 2011, p. 10 (cover story) – Allison Gilman’s favorite day of the year is April 13th– that is the day she saw her cousin in a live production of Little Shop of Horrors in Baltimore. That day changed her life. Read More >>

Dr. Fuller Torrey, Caring for People with Schizophrenia

Fifty Plus Magazine, March 2011 – Jared Lee Loughner, the 22 year old man who shot and killed six people in Tucson and critically wounded rep Gabreille Giffords is believed to be mentally ill and suffering from the brain disease Schizophrenia. Forensic scientists also say that Seung-Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech shooter most likely suffered from the same disease. Read More >>

New Dating

The New Dating, Boomers Can Find Love in New Places

Boomer, Feb-March 2011, p. 47 – All you need is love…… says John Lennon & Paul McCartney. But where to find it? Read More >>

What was the Role of Real Estate Appraisers in the Housing Bust?

Style Weekly, June 11, 2008 – Predatory lenders get most of the blame for the housing bust, but real estate appraisers — many pressured by lenders — were accomplices. Read more >>

DancingHappy Feet, Dance Like No One’s Watching

Boomer, August-Sept, 2010 – There’s a lot of dancin’ goin’ on in River City. East Coast swing, hip-hop, ballroom, Latin, salsa, Zumba — we’ve got it all. Read more >>

Dealing with Divorce, a Kid’s Eye View

Dealing With Divorce

Richmond Family Magazine, August 2010, p. 14 – “The reality did not hit me until the day we moved,” says 14-year-old Rose, whose parents were finally divorcing after years of trying to save a tumultuous marriage. “I was just standing there in the house—with all these people coming in and out, moving things. It was awful.” Read More >>

Web of Love

Style Weekly

Style Weekly, Feb 13, 2008 – A young, attractive, professional Richmond woman decides she wants a millionaire. She specifies as much on an Internet dating site — “millionaire only” — and gets what she’s looking for. Presumably, so did the millionaire. Read more >>

Looking Better, Much, Much Better

looking better

Boomer, Feb March, 2009 – “I can take 10 years off your appearance!” These words, from Dr. James Carraway of Virginia Beach, reputed to be one of the top cosmetic surgeons in the country, warmed my heart. Read more>>

Dr. Paul Nussbaum, Ph.D.

Fifty Plus, Doctor’s Choice, February 2011 – If you knew you were going to develop Alzheimer’s…what could you do to help save your brain? Dr. Paul Nussbaum, Clinical Neuropsychologist at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine says you can do plenty. Read More >>

Learning Disabilities, What You Should Know to Help Your Kids

Richmond Family Magazine, February 2010, p. 14 – When her son’s teacher contacted her about his inability to stay focused and complete tasks, Alisa Brookshire was angry.

Juggling Life with Blended Families

Boomer, June-July 2011, p.74 – The Urge to Merge. So, you have fallen in love. At a time when you thought this would never happen again, you feel like a teenager. If everything is blissful, do you risk it by moving in together?

Shape Up!

Fifty Plus, March 2010, (Cover story) – Are you turning into a four by four? When I first heard this redneck term used – I was deeply offended, then worried. Could that happen to me?

Health Check, Our Kids & Mental Wellness

Kids and Mental Health

Richmond Family Magazine,  August 2011 – Cheryl Ratcliff’s son Tim, age 17, is an honor student at Godwin High School. With his short brown hair framing a handsome face, expressive brown eyes and appealing smile, he could be a stand-in for Justin Bieber. When he was 7, however, his mother was afraid he might not live to his next birthday. Read More >>

Keeping Kids Safe in the Hospital

Hospital Safety

Richmond Family Magazine, November 2010, p. 16 – Jennifer Jones, a young, healthy attorney, had no reason to suspect she would have anything other than a perfectly normal pregnancy. It was her first, however, and she did not realize that her weight gain and swollen ankles were much more than the typical by-product of carrying a child. Read More >>

Dr. Paul Talalay, Cancer Fighter

Fifty Plus, August 2011 – Oxidation, free radicals, inflammation, DNA damage, chemicals from our diet and our environment all cause cancer. While people keep hoping for a cancer “cure” they can be living a lifestyle right now that may prevent getting certain kinds of cancers. Read More >>